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Futures + RCEDF: The Internet as a Public Utility

Welcome & Introductions
DVRPC planning staff from the Futures Group and Regional Community and Economic Development Forum will welcome attendees and introduce the guest speakers.

Deploying Broadband in Chester County
Jim Mercante will discuss the background and current status of two Digital Equity initiatives underway in Southern Chester County: a Digital Broadband Connectivity Assessment project and a Digital Skills/Literacy project.

Jessica Zufolo will discuss broadband funding and network deployment opportunities for rural unserved communities throughout Southern Chester County.

Where is the Internet Headed?
Amani Bey will present their review of “Visions of the Internet in 2035”, a collaborative report by Pew Research Center and Elon University which documents experts’ hopes and expectations for social media platforms and other online public-discussion spaces to be improved by 2035 in ways that significantly serve the public good.

A very brief opportunity for questions will be held at the end of the event.


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