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Regional Safety Task Force Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Lily Reynolds
Thank you, Pat, for your service!
Patricia Ott
It's been a pleasure!
Marco Gorini
Here’s the link for the tracking list:
Marco Gorini
Laura Fredricks FSS Philly and NJ
can you make this larger?
Marco Gorini
@Laura, I can’t zoom, but I’ll dig up a copy of the graphic to share with everyone
Elise Bremer-Nei
When we have so many hit and run crashes in NJ (especially with pedestrians), how can we be sure on our percentage of crashes that involve speeding? We don't know the contributing factors in all of our crashes.
Kevin Murphy
@Elise - great point, and I believe what you're suggesting is that the actual number of speeding-related crashes is undercounted?
Laura Fredricks FSS Philly and NJ
Can we see a photo of the intersection?
Elise Bremer-Nei
@Kevin - Yes.
Liz Feinberg
Love the parkway feel of slow and steady design but do they accommodate public busses and about UPS trucks (ugh!)
Kevin Murphy
Where context and volume are the same, which is safer, the kidney bean intersection or the roundabout?
Laura Fredricks FSS Philly and NJ
Thank you Lennart
Cassidy Boulan
Besides narrow lanes, what other design elements force or encourage an operating speed of 25 MPH?
Lauren Rushing
Thank you Lennart! 👏
William Beans
Did you do a before and after studies on through volume levels
Lisa Serieyssol
Lennart mentioned there is a ‘kidney bean’ intersection in Delaware. Would you know the town, cross streets?
Kelvin MacKavanagh
What about visibility at night?
Cassidy Boulan
For a slow and steady street, what the minimum length of the corridor necessary for it to work well?
John Boyle
Route 9 in New Castle
John Boyle
The New Castle proposal is here on slide 27 - http://www.wilmapco.org/CityofNewCastle/workshop-pp3.pdf
Lennart Nout
That’s the one!
Lily Reynolds
Curious, why only weekdays?
Lennart Nout
Also curious, why not after 10pm?
Laura Fredricks FSS Philly and NJ
Why not capture the driver's image, and why not use these cameras to try to help with the epidemic of hit and runs?
Michael Clemmons
Do they notify drivers with signage that they are entering an area with a traffic camera?
Julia Kite-Laidlaw
Hi Laura - thanks for your advocacy with FSS. There are privacy concerns, and the camera would have to get a very clear image from the front as well as the back which requires a very high-powered camera and that's often difficult to get in darkness. It can be helpful to not know a person's identity - in a time when traffic enforcement is fraught with equity concerns, we know we are looking only at a behavior, and not any other feature of an individual.
Julia Kite-Laidlaw
Michael - our speed limit signs say "photo enforced" at the bottom. The cameras are in pretty much every neighborhood by now and we want people to think they could be captured by a camera anywhere. That's why we don't publicize the locations.
Julia Kite-Laidlaw
(We also have 40 mobile speed vans which change location)
Laura Fredricks FSS Philly and NJ
I think it is important to note that Families for Safe Streets has been so instrumental in getting the red light cameras extended in Philly, the speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard and the camera program in NYC. The bravery of the families telling their stories over and over again about the loss of their loved ones is amazing.
Kevin Murphy
@John Taylor - what does it take to move the program from pilot to permanent?
Julia Kite-Laidlaw
Yes, 100% true!
Lily Reynolds
@Laura completely agree. Thank you for your leadership and others in FSS
Kevin Murphy
@Julia - why doesn't the infraction kick-in at 10mph over the school zone speed limit, which I believe is 15mph, instead of posted?
Julia Kite-Laidlaw
Kevin - we draw a quarter-mile radius around schools and we are allowed to put the cameras anywhere in that bubble. We go to where the speeding and KSI are highest and those streets are almost always 25 mph or higher
Justin Neff
@Laura, thank you for your continued willingness to share your story to advocate for the safety of others. Those individual stories are often much more impactful than statistics alone.
Doris Lynch
Hello ~
Catherine Bull
Proposed legislation in NJ for ASE in work zones calls for revenues to go to State Police. The number of state troopers dedicated to work zones had dropped to around three. NJDOT and State Police have an MOU to increase the size of the construction unit to 7. So Revenues would go to increasing the number of troopers in the unit.
Doris Lynch
Doris Lynch with the Port Richmond Neighborhood Association ~ would appreciate any data on crashes and fatalities in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia please, on all streets. Thank you. submit to : portrichmondna@gmail.com ❤
Lily Reynolds
Not equity question (Mahmoud as the work zone locations change, which ones are prioritized for the speed enforcement? Is there a way to ensure work zones on the High Injury Network always have speed cameras?)
Joe Rapp
absolutely suburb Janna, John, Julia, and Mahmood. thanks so much!
Doris Lynch
Corrected : Doris Lynch with the Port Richmond Neighborhood Association ~ would appreciate any and ALL data on crashes and fatalities in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia please, that is public info. on all streets. Thank you. submit to : portrichmondna@gmail.com ❤
Julia Kite-Laidlaw
I also want to echo Rep. Taylor's comment on having a vendor who charges a flat fee, not taking a cut of violations. This is crucial!
Janna Chernetz
Thank you everyone!
Marco Gorini
John Taylor
re: how to turn a pilot program to permanent program? new legislation is required